FunZone Events at CCACC Academy

Active party to get the wiggles out where the fun never ends. While also having access to gymnastics equipment including a trampoline. Our space is private and only allows one customer to rent the venue per day or specific hours. 

  • You will have a party host to help navigate the fun.
  • An area to have your food/cake.
  • Access to the cafeteria and kitchen facilities.
  • Bathroom facilities for both children and adults.
  • Free parking available
  • Secure facilities with security cameras.
  • Access to the gymnasium, cafeteria and bathroom facilities only.
  • WiFi accessible

The gym is a FUN place to have your birthday party or any child function. Parties are scheduled only for Saturdays and Sundays between 11am-5pm. We do not allow adults older than 16 years of age to use gymnasium equipment.

Event packages:

  • 2 hours – $290.00
  • 3 hours – $360.00
  • 4 hours – $440.00
  • 5 hours – $530.00
  • 6 hours – $600.00

Pricing above is for up to 30 children, $100 additional for 40 children or more. If the host would like to add more children there will be a separate fee assessed. To reserve the facility we request a deposit of $150.00. The deposit is non refundable but can be transferred to an available date.

Payment: Please pay a deposit of $150.00 to save the date. 50% of the rental fee is required 30 days before the event. The remaining 50% will be due 7 days before the event. If a customer does not pay the first payment 30 days before the event. The deposit will not be refundable or transferable. If there is a national emergency or government shut down the sum paid can be transferable to another date but won’t be refunded.

If you would like a gym teacher to provide classes during the event our fee is $45.00 for 30 minutes or $80.00 for 1 hour. If you like our staff to clean up we charge and additional $70.00

A liability certificate of insurance is required to cover the party or function. Please make sure the COI is addressed to CCACC Academy in Rockville, MD.



Package does not include:

  • Any food items
  • Additional rentals such as single tables, dishes or separate chairs or other furniture.
  • Decorations
  • Stove or cooking Materials.
  • Entertainment
  • Use of other rooms or offices are prohibited.
  • Utensils, plates or cups are not provided by CCACC.
  • Access to other rooms at CCACC.
  • Use of any items at CCACC such as scissors, tape and so on.

$30 extra trash removal, $70 extra full clean up and trash removal.

Any questions email Gedalia at