Robin Class · Ages 4-5

Ms. Julia Wang

Chinese Lead Teacher​

Ms. Julia Wang has been teaching Mandarin at Franklin Montessori School and Jefferson Montessori School in Maryland for 14 years. Her respect for students’ nature and initiative to make lessons fun and engaging earned her wide respect and popularity from numerous students and parents in the Greater Washington DC Area as well as the “Best Teacher” Awards. Julia was also a very popular Chinese teacher in CCACC Academy summer camp. She took pride in joining the Preschool Program of CCACC Academy in fall 2021 and became immediately very popular with her students.

Ms. Lindsay Diamola

Lead Teacher

While teaching at CCACC Academy Preschool, Ms. Lindsay Diamola is currently majoring in Early Childhood Education at Montgomery College. Part of her greatest influence for pursuing Early Childhood Education is mainly because of her teachers. They gave her the ability to explore, play, and get creative while learning at the same time with no limitations and no wrong. Lindsay owes her influences and educational experience to her Early Childhood teachers and in the same way she would like to make an impact on one or all of her students as they start their educational journey with her.

Cardinal Class · Ages 3-4

Ms. Marta Lautz


Marta Lautz is a dedicated, enthusiastic, and versatile educator with over 20+ years of solid hands-on experience from pre-school through adulthood. She has had the opportunity to work as a teacher in both traditional and the Montessori approach. Working with preschool children at three different Montessori schools has given her the experience and joy to pursue a new opportunity at CCACC. Marta Lautz moved to the USA in 1997. She has worked as an educator in Maryland since 2001. She has a B.A in Graphic Design, a B.A in Information Technology, and more than 120 hours of training in Child Development. At Montgomery College and at Black Rock Center for the Arts she worked as an Art Instructor and Visual Director, and she is now wholly dedicated to achieve the goals and mission of CCACC.

Ms. Haiyun Wei

Chinese Teacher

Mrs. Haiyun (Helen) Wei is the Chinese Head Teacher for CCACC Academy’s Chinese Enrichment preschool program. As a part of the preschool program, Helen’s main responsibilities include teaching Chinese language and culture courses in an immersion style, which enhances students’ language learning experience. We have been very impressed with her ability to apply a wide variety of techniques and teaching methods to make learning fun and engaging for the children. Helen has extensive teaching experience and also enjoys using her artistic skills for making handicraft and teaching materials with the students. She loves to work with children and has been well received by both children and parents.

Wren Class · Ages 3-4

Ms. Victoria Kovyazova

English Teacher

My name is Victoria Kovyazova. I was an elementary teacher in Russia for 8 years. Then I moved to the UK with my family where I dedicated myself to raising my children. I’ve recently joined CCACC Academy and my new journey has started. I’m inspired by the child centered approach and always try to use these ideas with my own children. In my free time I like gardening and cycling with my family.

Ms. Jie Liu

Chinese Teacher

Ms. Jie Liu holds a teaching certificate in China with over ten years of experience in the education field. As a mother of two, her teaching and parenting experiences have taught her that children learn best when they feel safe, supported, and respected. Ms. Liu aims to interact with the children on an individual basis, guiding them to cultivate each child’s personality, curiosity, and love of learning. She is excited to join the CCACC Academy team and believes that every child can spend fulfilling and joyful days in our friendly and loving community.

Hummingbird Class · Ages 2-3

Ms. Nidian Martinez

Lead Teacher

Ms. Nidian Martinez has worked as a lead teacher at Academy Child Development Center in Rockville, MD for 18 years, teaching students from ages 3 months to 3 years old. She absolutely has a heart and passion for kids. Reliable, detail-oriented, organized and bilingual (Spanish and English), Nidian has been the resources that her colleagues depend on for answers. Nidian has two daughters, 18 and 14, with whom she enjoys hiking, workout together and watching movies. Nidian is excited to join CCACC Academy to share her passions for and expertise in early childhood education.

Ms. Winny Chen

Chinese Lead Teacher

Ms. Winny Chen has been teaching Chinese Mandarin as an enrichment subject to kindergarten students since 2012. Her role as a teacher has evolved from being the first Mandarin teacher at CCACC Academy Preschool to helping implement the dual language immersion program. Winny is happy and proud to be part of CCACC Academy. Her Chinese class is a perfect integration of the target language, culture, and art. She is a constant leader of various Chinese cultural celebrations for students at CCACC Academy.

Subject Specialists

Ms. Jie Zhang

Gymnastics Teacher

Ms. Jie Zhang is a former member of the Chinese National Gymnastics Team and a national level coach and judge. She won the first champion of individual asymmetrical bars and team competition in China’s National Gymnastics Competition. She worked as a judge in the US Gymnastics Cup in 1999 which the Chinese National Gymnastics Team was attending. Currently Jie works as a gymnastic coach at MarVaTots ‘n Teens Gymnastics Club in Maryland while teaching at CCACC Academy. Several of her US students have won first place in local competitions of balance beam and floor exercises, as well as all-around champion of individual gymnastics and team championship.

Laura Garofalo

Dance Teacher

Laura Garofalo is a Chinese American adoptee whose passion for Chinese dance stems from her desire to explore and share her Chinese culture with others through the universal medium of dance. For the past ten years, Laura has been teaching Chinese dance in Maryland to students from preschool through college. Currently, she dances and assists with courses at the Xuejuan Dance Ensemble in Herndon, VA. Laura has performed throughout the Washington, DC area, including at events hosted by the Chinese Cultural and Community Services Center (CCACC) in Montgomery County, MD, as well as at the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC as part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Chinese New Year Celebration. Laura has also helped develop and present Chinese dance educational programs for organizations in the Washington, DC area, including the Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, VA, and the Kennedy Center’s Dance Sanctuaries social impact program.