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Our Administrators

Rita S. Lewi

Executive Director, CCACC Academy
Executive Director, Chinese Culture and Community Service Center, Inc. (CCACC)

Ms. Avery Wan

Principal and Operating Director

Ms. Avery Wan graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Music and taught at Chengdu University. After more than ten years of teaching, Avery established the Little Star Music Education based in Maryland in 2010. In 2015, she became the founder, Principal, and CEO of Washington Cathay Future Center, and is now the Principal and Operating Director of CCACC Academy. Pioneering, tenacious, and business literate are just some of the terms used to describe Avery. She is well known in the local education and art circles and maintains strong relations with the government. She has been involved in the startup of the business, the hands-on work, the establishment of the team, the leadership of the team, as well as the completion of sales and growth goals each year, and the year-by-year expansion. Avery believes that each child has infinite potential and an educator’s mission is to unlock and nurture a child’s potential to lay the foundation for his/her long-term success and happiness. 

Mr. Simbisai Kahari

Manager of Course Development

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.F.A in Communication Arts, Mr. Simbisai Kahari has been passionate about STEAM & STEM education and has led CCACC Academy’s science and technology-related programs. In addition to teaching, Simbisai has painted and illustrated for over ten years, and designed (Graphic & Web Design) for the past three years. Simbisai currently resides in DC teaching robotics and technology. During his college years, Simbisai worked and educated at-risk youth at Elk Hill Farms and assisted in running and producing work out of the Hill Gallery.

Ms. Saadia Perwaiz

Master Teacher

Ms. Saadia Perwaiz was excited to join CCACC Academy to be the Preschool teachers’ mentor, trainer, and facilitator. She brought along 20 years of Montessori classroom experience in Montgomery County, Maryland and over ten years of teacher training experience in the Washington metropolitan area. She is currently the early childhood education consultant at Palisades Montessori School and a private home tutor as well. Saadia holds a Master’s degree in Political Science along with an American Montessori Society (AMS) Montessori certification. She completed the Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program through the AMS. She has been a workshop presenter at Montgomery Montessori Institute and the AMS.

Ms. Chunling (Esther) He

Office Manager

Ms. Chunling (Esther) He was happy to join CCACC Academy to help students learn and grow every day after working as an assistant teacher at Little Genius for four years. Ms. He works to support our Lead Teachers and the rest of the administrative staff by communicating with parents, dealing with important administrative functions such as registration, coordinating and communicating with teaching staff, and more! Esther also had seven years of experience working at Beijing Jiuqi Software Company, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology. As a key part of our administrative staff, Esther is dedicated to keeping our facilities running smoothly and ensuring our students and parents at CCACC Academy are well taken care of.


Ms. Gisselle Canales

Administrator Assistant

Ms. Gisselle Canales, a Salisbury University Psychology graduate, brings a wealth of experience in child development, mentoring, and community service. She was part of a minority scholars program during her college career, where she had the opportunity to mentor teens and had the chance to present community based research at the New York Psychology Winter Round Table. Ms. Gisselle has worked with adolescents, tutored kindergartners, and actively contributed during the Covid pandemic by conducting tests at school facilities. Currently, as a Bilingual Couples Case Manager at the University of Maryland for a non-profit organization, she supports families by providing them with essential resources and information to create healthy and happy relationships. Excited to contribute to CCACC Academy, Ms. Gisselle is a dedicated professional making a positive impact in various capacities.


Ms. Tatiana Martinez

Administrator Assistant

I’m Tatiana Martinez, and I bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the CCACC Academy team. With a time of two years, I am eagerly approaching my third year with CCACC. During this time, I have donned various roles, initially serving as an assistant for preschool teachers engaged with 2 to 5-year-olds. My journey extended to contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of summer camp and after-school programs.Currently, I am at the front desk, where I’ve gained valuable insights into the operational aspects of our organization. Complementing my practical experience, I am pursuing a major in psychology with a minor in business at Montgomery College.My passion for working with children goes beyond my professional commitments. Over the past five years, I have been actively involved in childcare, extending my services to babysitting and participating in other daycare settings. This hands-on experience has not only honed my interpersonal skills but has also fueled my dedication to contributing positively to the growth and development of young minds. I am thrilled to continue my journey with CCACC Academy, combining my educational pursuits with my passion for fostering a nurturing environment for children. As I step into each new role, I remain committed to creating a positive and engaging atmosphere for both the children and the CCACC community.