My Playhouse Policies


Please let us know in advance if you are unable to attend class. Makeup classes must be made within your Monthly Pass time frame, and the same class for which you are registered. We ask that you let us know ahead of time when you would like to attend a makeup class so we can make sure to hold your spot for that class. Drop-in makeups are not permitted.


While we'd LOVE for you and your child to continue with us, we understand that sometimes things don't go as planned. 

Withdraw before your first class, and you will receive a full refund!

Withdraw within the first week of your session, and you will only be charged for one week of class. The remaining balance will be refunded to you as a credit for any future MY Playhouse/WCFC courses.

Withdraw within the first two weeks of your session, and you will be charged for two weeks of class plus a $30 processing fee. The remaining balance will be refunded to you as a credit for any future MY Playhouse/WCFC courses.

Withdraw after the first two weeks of your, and you will receive no refund or credit.


The following policies are designed to keep our classes running smoothly.

Participation: In this class it is very important for the adults to participate! Your child takes their cues from you. You can help them become enthusiastic movers and music-makers by participating fully- even if your child seems distracted or is exploring they are still soaking it all in and observing. They will participate when they are ready. You are an excellent model regardless of your ability and you are your child’s first teacher.

Attire: Please wear comfortable clothing. Children can wear socks or go barefoot. Street Shoes are not permitted.

Make Music, Art and Move, don't talk: Although we use an informal teaching method, we are focused in our play and exploration.  We especially ask the adults to avoid side conversations between class activities as this will distract from the activity- stay in the moment and soak it all up!

Cell Phones: Please refrain from using your cell phone during class. We would like you to be present in the moment and participate fully with your child and not be distracted by your phone- if you must take a call, please step outside.

Your Child: Children have the amazing ability to teach themselves through exploration and play. Often times the most well-meaning adult can interfere with that process by making the child move a certain way or giving too much direction. Allow your child to experience the class in his or her own unique way in their own time… whether it’s by staring at something, singing a different tune,  tasting the instruments, playing them differently, or just appearing to tune out-.they are still soaking it all in. We know that each child is actively processing what’s going on around them, even if it  doesn’t seem that way to you. Let your child explore, play and learn, and you will begin to see new developments and skills emerging as the session progresses.

Timeliness: Class begins and ends on time. It is often difficult for a child to enter a class already in session. We start every class with a Hello Song and hope that you’ll be there on time to welcome your child to class. If you do arrive after class has started enter as calmly as possible and join us when you are ready.

Toys, Food and Drink: We request that you leave toys at home so your child can focus on their class. Please feel comfortable to nurse or bottle feed your baby in class, We ask that you feed your child before or after class outside of the space where their class will be held.  No food is permitted in Music Room or Gymnastic/Movement Room. We kindly request due  to the large number of peanut allergies in young children, please do not bring any foods containing peanuts to class. Clear Drinks can be kept in your bag for a quick sip if necessary.

Guests: There is never a charge for visiting adults (Grandparent, Aunt etc)! Please contact us prior to bringing another child to class. We understand that sometimes older siblings need to accompany you on their vacation day. But due to the class size restrictions, we can only allow other siblings if there is space in the class. If you are bringing a guest child- Ie visiting cousin or friend there is a $10.00 fee.

Inclement Weather: Please check our website for class closures. We don’t always follow MCPS closures.  Please use caution in inclement weather and if you are unable to make a class, please let us know and you can sign up for a make-up.