Enlighten Art Overview

Enlighten Art is a community that celebrates the arts as a language that connects us all. As a center for a growing arts community, we know our program and gallery will promote artistic confidence, knowledge and talent to a new generation.  

Our brand-new international standards certified art education program and gallery has a mission is to cultivate independent learners and ENLIGHTEN their understanding and connection to their world through visual art. The art education program includes these international standards and independently developed children’s art courses for the physical and psychological growth of children ages 3 to 12 years. In addition to in studio education, we take field trips to explore art through our surroundings. Through creative instruction practices, nurturing guidance, and independent work experiences, children’s interest in and understanding of the arts and aesthetics will be stimulated and enhanced. 

Our gallery seeks to help our students merge into the professional art world through interaction with artists and educators. These artists and educators will also have a platform to share their works and their process. We will host independent, group, international, and student art shows.

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