Staff & Instructors

Administrative Team

Avery Wan

Principal & Operating Director
Graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. She has taught music to student of various ages and experience for over 10 years. In 2010, Ms. Wan founded the Little Star Music Education . This program offers students the opportunity to sing, act, and dance. She is also a choir director and holds both group lessons and private lessons, providing her students with the professional vocal training and performance skills needed to help them to reach their full potential. Within a few years, the program has grown to include over a hundred students, many of whom have gone on to perform in a variety of different concerts, performances, and competitions within the Washington metropolitan area. Aside from CCACC Academy, Ms. Wan has been involved in many successful musical events and competitions.

Regina Wei

Program Manager
Yuanjin Wei is an illustrator and Chinese free hand brush painting artist based in Washington DC metro area. She especially enjoys creating illustrations that reveal humorous and ironic scenes from everyday life. In creating her images, she combine her training in traditional Chinese illustration with the modern styles to pay respect to her traditional heritage, and also experiment with techniques that allow her to explore without constraints.


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Melissa Eisen

Afterschool Manager
Melissa Eisen is an independent design professional that focuses on fine art, branding, and visual storytelling. She received a BA in Fine Arts and Art Education from University of Maryland, College Park and has a Maryland Teaching License. After university, she taught art in Maryland public schools for several years before exploring other aspects of the professional art world including design projects and art shows in the DC area. In addition to creating from the recesses of her own mind, Melissa likes to bring other people's visions to reality through commissioned pieces, collaborative works, and education. She worked with individuals ranging in age from 4 to 90 on a variety of creative and professional endeavors. To learn more about Melissa and her work you can visit or follow her facebook page,

Performing Art Department

Edward Victor

Edward Victor is a Puerto Rican artist born in New York. He has a BFA from Puerto Rico School of Fine Arts and is currently a MFA student at Maryland Institute College of Arts (MICA). He has been an art teacher for 13 years. During this time, he has worked for The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and The Puerto Rico Department of Education. He was also director of the Walter Otero Contemporary Art gallery (San Juan, Puerto Rico). He has exhibited his work in various locations including, The Capitol of Puerto Rico, San Juan Museum, Casa Blanca Museum and Sacred Heart University Gallery.

Latechia G. Mitchell

Latechia Mitchell began her work with children in the fall of 1998. She has worked for many years in the areas of creative and academic disciplines. While Ms. Mitchell has been formally educated in the areas of psychology and education, she has had many artistic work experiences that have helped hone her imaginative energies. She is a certified English teacher by the MSDE in grades 6-12, and also holds an advanced professional certificate in elementary education. During the day, Ms. Mitchell works for MCPS at S. Christa McAuliffe ES.

In her varied work throughout the years with children and teens, she has been able to develop a creative muscle that she continues to stretch and train. Ms. Mitchell has learned and taught black and white photography, newspaper, drama, visual art, dance, and supported students in their academic pursuits throughout her professional experiences. She has directed plays, written music, and choreographed dance for students for over 10 years in camps and classes.

Highlights of her work with students include creating an environmental club that continues at the CCCS-Trinidad Campus in Northeast DC, facilitating students in Fairfax County to retell and write their own version of the Firebird Suite, and directing her 2nd grade class in a reader’s theatre production of Cendrion, a Caribbean Cinderella. Currently, Ms. Mitchell teaches Funny Songs and Hands on Art here at CCACC Academy. She is excited to be a part of the visionary staff that offers classes here to students.

Katie Nerud

Katie Nerud is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland where she received her Bachelors Degree in Dance with an area of emphasis in Dance Education.  During this time she was casted in dances that were choreographed by Undergraduate students, Graduate students, and Faculty.  She was also casted in a piece by artist in residence Monstah Black.  She is continuing to study with the University of Maryland Graduate School where she will receive a Masters Degree in Education and a Masters Certification in Dance Education.  She is also continuing her professional career by being a guest artist in another Graduate students thesis project and dancing professionally with Light Switch Dance Theatre.  Katie hopes to educate her students with a new movement vocabulary, knowledge of their body, and an outlet for their artistry.

She is excited to be returning to CCACC Academy to instruct its dynamic students in a variety of Communications courses.

STEM Department

Luke Ikard

Luke Ikard is a multidisciplinary artist based in Baltimore, MD, where he maintains an active woodworking and multimedia studio art practice. Utilizing his knowledge of sound and emerging technologies as well as his skills as a woodworker, Ikard has developed experience in a wide range of specialties. Ikard has earned a MFA in Multidisciplinary art from the Mount Royal School of Art at Maryland Institute College of Art and received his BFA in Studio Art from Sam Houston State University. Ikard has lead instructional workshops and lectures in wood shop safety, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, digital fabrication, and computer programing.

Language Arts Teacher

Nicole Taylor

Dr. Nicole Taylor holds a Doctorate degree in English from Howard University and is a specialist in Communications. She has over 20 years of experience teaching English, Writing, and Public Speaking, among many other courses, to both college and grade level students.

Dr. Taylor believes that thorough preparation for success via education and exploration is key to unlocking the possibilities to students' futures.

She is excited to be returning to CCACC Academy to instruct its dynamic students in a variety of Communications courses.

Chinese Program

Diana Wobus

英文语言学士、教育技能硕士、教育计划与管理博士 推动在大华府引进《马立平中文》教材系列 首位创建正规学年制教材教学体系管理者 大华府唯一在2014年教授了教材全部年段的教学领路人 主持全球独一无二的《马立平中文》教学培训班和教学资源库 北美公认的继承语教学开创者和实践家 中文语言和中华文化教育的高口碑的优秀教育者 获2015年国侨办颁发“优秀教师奖” 获2016年华府教育领域第一杰出华人荣誉 全球将云技术引入中文教学倡导人、领军者、应用者 “双模式”教学理念开创者 

Qian Ning

自从来美国后,从事中文教育已二十年。所教的学生从4岁到70岁近几百人。他们有的是华裔后代,有的是纯美国人,有的是混血儿。先后在博城中文学校,希望中文学校,美中实验,公立美国学校和私立美国学校任教。并先后对十几套中文教材进行了评估。先后教过暨南大学中文,马立平, 熟语识字和朗朗中文教材。教学的方式从近三十人的大班,几个人的小班到一对一的家教。所教的学生有两个人去中国四川和天津任教。有一个学生在乔治华盛顿大学攻读中文高级班(纯美国人)。通过孔子学院海外教师资格认证。有海外中文教材和教程培训经验。曾经获得多次获得优秀中文教师的称号。深受家长和学生的喜爱。教学特点:生动有趣,灵活多样,寓教于乐。

Yihong Chen

As a winner of the Teacher Merit Award from the Association of Chinese Schools in 2016, Yihong Chen is a very experienced instructor and professor in Chinese and biology related areas. She has taught Chinese to students in various contexts and at different levels continuously since 2003. Her students come from all different cultural backgrounds and age groups. In order to engage them in class, she effectively implements different teaching methodologies and techniques, including storytelling, debates, games, etc. Ms. Chen is also good at communicating with her students and her students enjoy sharing their ideas with her. Her classes are always highly appreciated by the students and their parents.


Vicky Li

Fanding (Vicky) Li is an outstanding Mandarin teacher who specializes in early Chinese education. Fanding was born in China but received her high school education in the United States. With her vast experience and familiarity with the U.S education system and style, she is very good at communicating with young children. She utilizes songs, storytelling and interactive games in her classes and effectively keeps all the students fully engaged and highly motivated.


Dance Program

Music Teacher

Sabrina Yu

  1. 1999年,以湖北省总分第一的专业成绩考入华中师范大学,音乐教育学院,主修声乐、合唱专业。2001年,考入Tian kong合唱团,参加全国各大合唱比赛,屡次获得第一名!同年,随Tian kong合唱团,代表中国参加“舒伯特国际合唱比赛”获女生组特别大奖,混声组一等奖。2003年以优异的成绩毕业,获得学士学位。 
  2. 2003--2005年,任职于首都师范大学音乐系,多次被评为“优秀青年教师”。 
  3. 2003--2005年,被北京市青少年宫特聘为音乐教师,组织排练各项大型演出。 
  4. 2005--2014年,任职于中南民族大学音乐系,组织成立“中南民族大学合唱团”,获得省内外各大奖项!本人多次被评为“优秀青年教师”。 
  5. 2008年,考入华中师范大学教育学院,攻读教育硕士研究生,以优异的成绩修完全部课程,获得硕士学位。 
  6. 2015年--至今,在华夏未来华盛顿中心,担任音乐教师。

Multi-Theme Teacher

Hui Zhuang

Zhuang Hui began her martial arts training , in china , when she was nine years old and was quickly recruited to attend the Beijing Sports School. She went to be selected to compete as a member of the Beijing Wushu team, widely renewed as the best martial artists in the world, where she trained with other stars, including Jet Li. During her career she has traveled throughout the world, competitions. She has won the gold medal as the Asian Olympic Games, 4 gold medals in the Asian Wushu Championships and is the five time Women`s All-Around Champion of China.

Bryan Foo

MATH Teacher
Bryan Foo is a 10th grader at the prestigious SMCS program at Poolesville High School. He is a veteran mathlete who has won honorable mention in the UMD Math Competition, is a qualifier for the AIME competition, and was in the State MATHCOUNTS 2nd place Team. Bryan has gotten top 3 in state and top 10 in nation the Math Kangaroo competition almost every year, and currently is a USA Computing Olympiad Gold division participant.

Bryan also had the initiative to start and teach a math competitions class at Hope Chinese School. The class has been a huge success, giving the class a great reputation, both among parents and students. His students even won several awards in the Montgomery Blair Math Tournament. He is also a seasoned tutor for the Math Olympiad at the Lead 4 Future organization.

Besides math, Bryan also loves to write. His online web serial book has received thousands of views and dozens of likes from readers around the world. He has also edited and published for a school magazine, and published five books on his own.

Vincent Bian

MATH Teacher
Vincent Bian is a 10th grader in the Science, Math, and Computer Science magnet program at Poolesville High School. He is an experienced mathlete that has won many national level competitions.

Math Kangaroo contest was the first math competition that Vincent participated in 3rd grade. Since then, he was placed top 10 nationally almost every year. He got gold medals with perfect scores for the past 3 consecutive years, and was invited to the all-expense-paid international Math Kangaroo summer camp in Poland in 2016. In middle school, Vincent has participated state MathCounts all 3 years. In 8th grade, he was chosen as one of the 4 members of the Maryland MathCounts team, which got 2nd place in National MathCounts that year. Vincent was also a major player of Roberto Clemente Science Bowl team which win 2nd place in the national final in 2015. In the American Math Competition (AMC) series contest, Vincent qualified for the American Invitational Math Exam (AIME, top 5000 students) since 6th grade, and qualified for the USA Junior Math Olympiad (USAJMO, top ~500 students) since 8th grade. He is a USAJMO winner in 2017 with a perfect score, and was invited to attend the Math Olympiad Program (MOP, top ~50 students). MOP is the most prestigious math camp in the USA with the goal of training and selecting the USA math team for the International Math Olympiad.

In high school, Vincent won top 10 individual awards from many college-held math competitions, e.g. UMD Math Competition, Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, Princeton University Math Competition, John Hopkins Math Tournament, Carnegie Mellon Informatics and Mathematics Competition. Among these, his 3rd place winning of UMD math competition provides him a full-ride scholarship to UMD if and when he chooses to attend UMD after high school graduation. Besides math, Vincent is also a bronze medal winner of USA Physics Olympiad and a Platinum division participant in USA Computing Olympiad.

To help younger students to enjoy the beauty of math, Vincent has also volunteered to teach math competition to middle school students at Hope Chinese School for the past two years.

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